105. Annalise Gratovich

Slugfest Printmaking Workshop

Paper, ink


Annalise creates her finely crafted prints by hand from start to finish, carving wood, etching metal, dyeing paper, and using manual printing presses to create multiple originals from her woodcuts and copper etchings. Annalise is a self-publisher operating in her home town of Austin, Texas.

1906 Miriam Ave

(512) 669-1891  /  gratovich@gmail.com  /  annalisegratovich.com  /  Instagram


Image 1

Tell Me When It Rains, 2019, Multi-plate etching, 19 x 22in

Image 2

Borderland, 2018, Two color woodcut, 24 x 16in

Image 3

Drifting Apart, 2018, Etching chine collé, 18 x 14 inches

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