95. Servant Church Austin

Janet Bernson, Kimmothy Cole, Akaimi Davis, Eva Glock, Nicole Jeffords, Tatiana Nikolova-Houston, Cristina White-Jones

Oil, acrylic, pastel, graphite, metal

Servant Church is a welcoming, justice-seeking church looking to celebrate our local community and artists by showcasing a variety of media telling stories about social justice, gender identity, environmental advocacy, and the depth of the human experience.

1605 E 38 1/2 St

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Image 1

Art in the Wild, 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 12 x 38 x 1in

Image 2

March On2019acrylic and mixed media on canvas30 x 30 x 1in

Image 3

The Tree of Life2019acrylic on canvas40 x 30 x 1in