58. Larry Akers

Motion Media Arts Center

Metal, wood, LEDs, polystyrene, paint, photography


What I do: Start with patterns. Overlay. Add depth. Add color. Add light. Construct. What you do: Animate by moving. Immerse yourself. Know you are part of the artwork. Savor the twining of eyesight and perception. Geomekinetica! Luminafluidity! Amore moire!

2200 Tillery St

(512) 443-1036  /  larryakers@austin.rr.com  /  eyeplaystudio.net  /  Instagram


Image 1

Echo, 2019, Aluminum, steel, LED, alkyd, 25 x 37 x 4in

Image 2

Arch, 2018, Mixed: steel, corrugated paper, latex, alkyd on wood, 21 x 49 x 6in

Image 3

Pick a Number, 2018, mixed: CD player carousel, glass, LED, steel, wood, 17 x 17 x 7

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