39. Brendan Sharpe

Cement Loop

Wood, paint, varnish, ink


Wood, in its many uses, has been a fixture in my life from a young age. Whether it's functional or purely for contemplation, I strive to make things that have good design, a clean aesthetic, and quality craftsmanship. My collection is replete with furniture, wall art, sculpture, cutting boards, coasters and other wood goods. Do good work, be well.

5811 Berkman Dr, #140

(206) 326-0794  /  brendo3030@gmail.com  /  brendodesign.com


Image 1

Rework, 2018, Wood, 30 x 40 x 3in

Image 2

Coffee Table, 2018, Wood, 19 x 45 x 29in

Image 3

Intersection, 2017, wood, 18x30

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