2. Cynthia Williams  /  Guest of Thelma Williams

Acrylic, pastel, enamel, wood, glass


My name is Cynthia Williams, welcome to my artistic journey. I hope to inspire others to step out on faith and go for it! I believe art is healing and I want to do what I can by sharing my artistic expression through my craft.

7101 Meador Ave

(404) 910-3319  /  /  /  Instagram  /  Facebook


Image 1

Broken, 2018, Enamel on glass on acrylic on wood, 15 x 11in

Image 2

Seeking Peace, 2018, Oil pastel, ink on card board, 8 x 7.75in

Image 3

Excotic, 2018, soft pastels on wood, 8in x 21in x 3/4in

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