Artist Studio

494. White Light Studio

Sculpture, furniture, mixed media

We are White Light Studio an all female studio established with the intention to create a space for all self identifying women to gather and collaborate. We strive to be a place of community, skill building, and empowerment. This EAST the studio will be full of work from resident and guest artists.

900 Vargas Rd, #1


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At This Location

  • 335. Adrienne Simes — Simes Art — Dub Academy

    Drawing, painting, mixed media

    906 E 5th St, #109

  • 336. Julia Miller — Dub Academy


    906 E 5th St, #109

  • 337. TAYM — Dub Academy

    Design, digital, drawing

    906 E 5th St, #109

  • 338. 3D Printing & the Art of The Possible — re:3D

    Design, installation, sculpture

    906 E 5th St, #110

  • 495. Rachel K Bury — White Light Studio

    Collage, painting, sculpture

    900 Vargas Rd

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