356. Susannah Blanton

Oil on canvas

Compelling and beautiful images that resonate with my dark side, desire to tell a story, and memories that keep me grounded. Combining these elements onto a single canvas allows me to assemble juxtaposing ideas that more accurately represent a snapshot of the memory itself: a complex combination of that precise moment mixed with a parallel or opposing emotion.

Artist Studio • Artist Studio – Blanton Art & Design

777 Shady Ln, #7



At This Location

  • 357. Chris White

    Cold wax, latex, oil

    Guest of Susannah Blanton

    777 Shady Ln, #7

  • 358. Stacy Kirk

    Digital print on canvas

    Guest of Susannah Blanton

    777 Shady Ln, #7

  • 359. Cynthia Bloom

    Antique diminutive glass beads, vintage Swarovski crystals, glass buttons, gemstones, pearls

    Guest of Susannah Blanton

    777 Shady Ln, #7

  • 360. Quincy Wakefield

    Acrylic, graphite, modeling paste, oil, oil pastel, polymers, textiles

    Guest of Susannah Blanton

    777 Shady Ln, #7

  • 361. Tom Suhler

    Acrylic, crystals, led lights, prints, resin, photography, fused glass

    Artist Studio – Exposure Fine Art Gallery & Studio

    777 Shady Ln, #8

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