Artist Studio

351. Amanda Walker — Teratology Studio — Beachwalker Boxes

Collage, painting, fiber

My embroidery collage paintings are a culmination of lifelong obsessions with biology, embroidery, paper tableaux, and an interest in how mythology collides with the natural world. My work combines paint, collage of vintage medical illustrations, and silk embroidery on canvas. My aim is to tell myths in a biological framework, and to create tension between the beautiful and the macabre.

1507 E 2nd St – (512) 434-9171


At This Location

  • 350. Tom Beach & Amanda Walker — Beachwalker Boxes

    Mixed media, sculpture, wood

    1507 E 2nd St

  • 352. Angela Diehl — Guest of Tom Beach & Amanda Walker

    Painting, fiber

    1507 E 2nd St

  • 353. Dwayne Bandy — Monkfish Forge — Guest of Tom Beach & Amanda Walker


    1507 E 2nd St

  • 354. Gillian Hickman — Vaudeville Notions — Guest of Tom Beach & Amanda Walker

    Fiber, mixed media

    1507 E 2nd St

  • 355. Morgan McBride — Muggs Studio — Guest of Tom Beach & Amanda Walker

    Ceramics, sculpture

    1507 E 2nd St

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