Artist Studio

350. Tom Beach & Amanda Walker — Beachwalker Boxes

Mixed media, sculpture, wood

We make whimsical, one-of-a-kind boxes from unique woods, kiln-cast glass, etched glass, and hand cut marquetry. We are interested in the box as an art form with inherent dimension, a sculpture that also has a function, and we strive to make the inside as beautiful as the outside. Our inspirations are mythology, biology, and the beauty of our raw materials.

1507 E 2nd St – (512) 434-9171



At This Location

  • 351. Amanda Walker — Teratology Studio — Beachwalker Boxes

    Collage, painting, fiber

    1507 E 2nd St

  • 352. Angela Diehl — Guest of Tom Beach & Amanda Walker

    Painting, fiber

    1507 E 2nd St

  • 353. Dwayne Bandy — Monkfish Forge — Guest of Tom Beach & Amanda Walker


    1507 E 2nd St

  • 354. Gillian Hickman — Vaudeville Notions — Guest of Tom Beach & Amanda Walker

    Fiber, mixed media

    1507 E 2nd St

  • 355. Morgan McBride — Muggs Studio — Guest of Tom Beach & Amanda Walker

    Ceramics, sculpture

    1507 E 2nd St

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