Artist Studio

349. Jay Roff — Guest of Jennifer Chenoweth

Installation, photography, performance

I am a channel. Reaching across photography, sound, performance, and video my artistic practice functions to translate personal experiences into new perspectives, new ways of thinking. Projections, Sound, and Performance are used for their ephemeral potential to create multi-sensory experiences that emphasize the immaterial and the synesthetic. These mediums conjure sensations one could naturally associate with memories/emotions/the surreal.

1200 E 2nd St – (210) 284-1498


At This Location

  • 342. Jennifer Chenoweth — Fisterra Studio

    Drawing, metal, mixed media

    1200 E 2nd St

  • 343. Dawn Okoro — Guest of Jennifer Chenoweth


    1200 E 2nd St

  • 344. Janine Hughes — Guest of Jennifer Chenoweth

    Installation, mixed media, sculpture

    1200 E 2nd St

  • 345. Andrea Nelson — Guest of Jennifer Chenoweth

    Drawing, painting

    1200 E 2nd St

  • 346. Rob Pettengill — Guest of Jennifer Chenoweth

    Digital, photography, metal

    1200 E 2nd St

  • 347. Robby Lee — Guest of Jennifer Chenoweth

    Collage, digital, photography

    1200 E 2nd St

  • 348. Valérie Chaussonnet — Guest of Jennifer Chenoweth

    Painting, metal, sculpture

    1200 E 2nd St

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