236. Dimension Gallery

Wood, fabric, clay, glass, metal, found objects, canvas

Weekend 1: "Seasons of Fruition," an inaugural show of our fellowship artists: Tammie Rubin, Magdalena Jarkowiec, Laura Latimer, David Wright, Suzanne Wyss, + Jade Walker. Weekend 2: "Five Skin Ten Skin", new work by Ian Ingram whose work asks, "who or what am I?" This body of work approaches an answer: Space. Air. Void. The in-between.

Gallery • Gallery

979 Springdale Rd, #98




At This Location

  • 234. Ghost Pepper Glass


    Artist Studio

    979 Springdale Rd, #100

  • 235. Michael W. Hall

    Acrylic, gouache, mural paints

    Guest of Ghost Pepper Glass

    979 Springdale Rd, #100

  • 237. New Music Mixer

    Classical music, visual art


    979 Springdale Rd, #124 | Nov 14, 5 - 7pm

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