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173. Lauren Tarbel — Guest of Adrienne Hodge

Collage, painting, mixed media

I am fascinated by nature, the universe, spirituality and consciousness. Characteristics of my work include themes from nature and the exploration of symbolism; utilizing painting, collage, mixed media and layering imagery. Creation for me is motivated by the exploration of ideas beyond our comprehension. Life is full of mystery and art is my way of trying to understand the world.

1109 B Shady Ln, B1 – (469) 682-0709


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At This Location

  • 167. Hallie Hamilton — Hallie Hamilton Art — The Satellite


    1109 A Shady Ln, A2

  • 168. Lauren McPhail R. — Post-Pre Pre-Spective — The Satellite

    Collage, painting, performance

    1109 A Shady Ln, A2

  • 169. MakeATX — The Satellite

    Design, digital, mixed media

    1109 B Shady Ln, B1

  • 170. Mark Puente — Nailivic Studios — Guest of MakeATX

    Mixed media, printed matter, wood

    1109 B Shady Ln, B1

  • 171. Joanna Kulesza — Guest of Make ATX

    Design, photography, printed matter

    1109 B Shady Ln, B1

  • 172. Adrienne Hodge — Bungalow One — MakeATX

    Drawing, painting, mixed media

    1109 B Shady Ln, B1

  • 174. Makenna Hatter — Guest of Adrienne Hodge

    Painting, mixed media

    1109 B Shady Ln, B1

  • 175. Katie Ryan Donohue — Guest of Adrienne Hodge

    Drawing, painting, printed matter

    1109 B Shady Ln, B1

  • 176. Ayla Erdener — Ayla Art — The Satellite

    Drawing, painting, photography

    1109 B Shady Ln, B5

  • 177. Alexis Kraus — Moon Gallery & Studio — The Satellite

    Drawing, mixed media, sculpture

    1109 B Shady Ln, B6

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