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103. David Lamplugh — Blue Cow Studio — Guest of Blue Cow Studio

Collage, painting, printed matter

The Defensive postures series stems from my older series on Ukiyoe. Both series are primarily concerned with animals defending themselves from the environmental ravages of humanity. The work is built on the foundation of digital collage and is created using experimental acrylic.

2514 E 17th St – (512) 662-4486


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At This Location

  • 100. Ethan Azarian — Blue Cow Studio

    Design, painting, performance

    2514 E 17th St

  • 101. Melissa Knight — Blue Cow Studio

    Collage, fiber, installation

    2514 E 17th St

  • 102. Lindsey Allison Verrill — Guest of Blue Cow Studio

    Design, printed matter, performance

    2514 E 17th St

  • 104. Sarah Lantz — Blue Cow Studio — Guest of Blue Cow Studio

    Painting, mixed media, printed matter

    2514 E 17th St

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