Temporary Exhibition

35. Ella Nilsson — East Space

Drawing, painting, mixed media

I draw inspiration from people. It's fascinating to hear people's stories, of how they got to where they are. Often it's never what you expected, and that's exactly what I explore in this new series. The theme is that you can focus is what's on the outside, or choose to learn what is deeper within. They are usually very different.

2009 Airport Blvd



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At This Location

  • 33. Janna Sammon — East Space

    Painting, mixed media, printed matter

    2009 Airport Blvd

  • 34. Dawn Winter — East Space

    Painting, printed matter

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  • 36. Joy Noguess — Tiny Happy Clay — East Space

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    Jewelry, metal

    2009 Airport Blvd

  • 39. Sarah St Laurent — East Space

    Painting, mixed media

    2009 Airport Blvd

  • 40. William Cauthern — East Space

    Mixed media, printed matter, wood

    2009 Airport Blvd

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