Artist Studio

371. Austin's Atlas — Splinter Group North


Austin's Atlas is a collaborative mapping project interested in revealing and expanding Austin's sense of place. We're gradually building a crowdsourced atlas of the city comprised of hand drawn maps. When we're not collecting maps, we're creating urban explorations, idiosyncratic pedestrian guides, and cARTography workshops. Come by during the tour to take a peek at the Atlas, contribute a map, peruse the cartographic library, and/or snag a pedestrian guide.

4709 E 5th St


Special Instructions: Through the warehouse door, 2nd studio space in.


  • 369. Andy St.Martin — Concentrated Paintings — Splinter Group North

    Paintings, painted screens, mixed media, assemblage

    4709 E 5th St

  • 370. Philip Hernandez — Domi Goods — Splinter Group North

    Wood, metal, stone

    4709 E 5th St

  • 372. Ann Armstrong — Ann-Made — Splinter Group North

    Steel, wood, plastic, fabric, gut

    4709 E 5th St

  • 373. Abby Fine — Tangles — Splinter Group North — guest of Ann Armstrong

    Pen and paper

    4709 E 5th St

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