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Big Medium’s East Austin Studio Tour is a free, annual, self-guided art event spanning across two weekends in November. Through collaboration with the community, EAST provides opportunities for the public to meet the makers: the local artists and artisans who drive Austin’s vibrant creative culture. In its 14th edition, EAST features 287 Artist Studios, 152 Exhibitions, 17 Happenings and a series of Select Events.

This catalog serves as an overview of tour stops and a schedule of events. It is intended to help tour-goers, like you, hand-pick their EAST experiences. Read on to explore the array of artistic talent waiting to be discovered!

 EAST Basics


EAST includes four participant categories: Artist Studios, Exhibitions, Happenings, and Select Events.

Artist Studios and Exhibitions are free and open on the weekends of November 14-15 & 21-22 from 11am - 6pm.
Happenings are also free and occur on the weekends of November 14-15 & 21-22 at varying times as listed.
Select Events occur between November 14-22 at varying times as listed and may require an entrance fee.


East of I-35
West of Hwy 183
South of Hwy 290
North of Riverside Dr (expanded for 2015!)

For real-time updates on the East Austin Studio Tour and other Big Medium programs, join our online community:



Select Events are projects or events, organized in collaboration with Big Medium. These events highlight partnerships that offer unique experiences for our audience, as well as provide financial and ideological support for the Select Event hosts and Big Medium.


This is where the creativity begins. For many of these spaces, this is the only time of year that you can get a special glimpse into the inspiration, process, and techniques of the artist. In this category, you can see home studios, spaces in larger studio complexes, or stand-alone commercial studios.


Exhibitions take place in spaces that are either dedicated to exhibiting art year-round or have created shows specifically for EAST at their location. In this category, you can see galleries, theaters, or museums as well as a few select nonarts-based spaces.


Happenings are singular events, contained within a 24-hour period. This category may include special exhibitions, installations, temporary or permanent public art, competitions, art-centered celebrations, educational programming, and art-themed parties. Be sure to check the date and time for each Happening.


Big Medium offers artists of all backgrounds the opportunity to participate in the East and West Austin Studio Tours through the Fellowship Program. Fellowships are awarded based on artistic merit and financial need and allow artists to waive their application fees to participate on tours. This year, the Fellowship Program provided financial support to 58 EAST artists.


Please be mindful of our neighbors, as many EAST locations are in residential areas. Our neighbors have been very welcoming to tour visitors over the years, so we request that all tour-goers respect and return that hospitality. Please don’t be too loud or cause disturbances; avoid leaving any trash behind; drive and park your cars thoughtfully; and whenever possible, walk, ride your bike or use public transportation to make your way around the tour. (For Capital Metro bus schedules and routes visit capmetro.org.)


For the East Austin Studio Tour, Big Medium and Uber are partnering to provide rides around the tour. Sign up for Uber and insert the promo code STUDIOTOUR to receive a free ride on Uber, up to $20 off your trip. This promotion is for first time riders only, so if you’ve already taken your first Uber trip, share this promotion with friends and family so that they can enjoy their first ride.

Sign up at get.uber.com/go/studiotour and enter the promo code STUDIOTOUR. For each ride taken, Uber will donate back to Big Medium.


Under each EAST participant listing is an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) graphic. Each square in the graphic represents a different accessibility feature that is or is not available at the participant’s location. The boxes correspond to the numbered list below. If a box is filled in with a “▪” that means that accessibility feature is available at the space.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
= Yes = No
  1. Official parking for the disabled
  2. Entrance and Interior: Minimum 32” wide doorway clearance space
  3. Entrance: Entryway without stairs
  4. Entrance: Entryway with a ramp
  5. Entrance: No lip entryway
  6. Interior: Accessible path around studio with minimum 36” width
  7. Restrooms: Entryway with minimum 36” wide clearance space
  8. Restrooms: Minimum 56 x 60” clearance space for toilet
  9. Restrooms: Grab bars
  10. Braille or raised letter signage

 Big Medium

The East Austin Studio Tour is a program of Big Medium, an Austin-based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting visual arts and artists in Texas. Big Medium relies on community support like yours to keep EAST free and open to the public. To share in the endeavor of creating an engaging and unique experience for our community, consider making a donation at bigmedium.org/support.html.

Every contribution is meaningful and supports our programming, including the East Austin Studio Tour, the West Austin Studio Tour, Big Medium Gallery exhibitions, and the Texas Biennial. Thank you for joining us in championing the abundance of talent within Austin’s creative community!

Big Medium Staff

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Executive Director
Tiffany L. Coghill
Director of Operations and Finance
Hannah Packard
Director of Development
Jordan Gentry
Communications and Program Coordinator
Jenna Carrens
Development Coordinator
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Graphic Designer and Production Manager
Kevin McNamee-Tweed
Gallery Curator and Studio Manager
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Project Assistant
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Gallery Assistant
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Alexa Star Johnson
Development Intern

Board of Directors

Keith Kreeger
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Jana Swec


Big Medium does not set any content guidelines for artists or exercise any predetermined censorship when producing the EAST and WEST catalogs and websites. Please be aware that the 2015 EAST catalog and website may contain some images with sexual content, nudity, or violence. We understand that some may find certain images controversial. We respect those opinions and are always open to community feedback.

All works represented in this mobile web app were reproduced with expressed permission from the artists. All text and images are copyrighted by each individual artist.

Copyright © EAST AUSTIN STUDIO TOUR 2015 (all rights reserved).